ChuFengMGA Human God of One Piece
Reincarnating in One Piece with no cheat, no system. How will Larch survive in a dog eat dog world.
awada141 The legend of ice
Hasan was a youth where he believed that everything was normal. But all of this changed when on his 15th birthday he had a dream... Walk with Hasan and see how he would reach a high level of cultivation. Note: This novel holds a great number of mythologies, games, and books
Oliver_Joseph The Heroes of Horizon: The Limitless
-Oliver Joseph and Sami Parker were both orphaned at a young age. They lived their lives 'normally'. -On September 3rd, 2019 the young boys entered the fantastic world of Horizon, A massive landmass hid from all of civilization for years; and in this world, mortals aren't the usual. Mortals have reached the highest and mightiest point of strength a mortal could. -Oliver and Sami both pursue their...
KingOfTheNorth18 Naruto : The Wraith of Konoha
-No Harem- Kenji is a curious kid living in the Hidden Mist Village. With zero knowledge of his lineage, tensions and civilian tempers flare while Kenji is thrust into a downward spiral of lies and pain. Set in an alternate Naruto Universe without Naruto himself, which ninja will save the world from dangers to come? That is, if he can trust the world first.

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